Sunday, October 7, 2012

You are Above Them

Just like the quote says... if people try to knock you down, it only means that you are above them. So don't let them bring you down! You are placed up there for a reason.

Don't go knocking people down. Strive to be just as good as them. 

Nothing good comes from breaking others.
So just remember that. Always.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I Don't Want to be a Bride

Vanessa Carlton.
I Don't Want to be a Bride

Just listen to it please!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creating Yourself

This is a nice way to look at life. Don't try to find yourself... BE the person you want to be, MAKE things better for yourself, and CREATE a life that you want to live. People can tell you who you are supposed to be... but it honestly isn't up to them. Create your own life and create the person you most want to be.
If you don't care what others think, you'll be much better off in life. You'll be happier, stronger, and wiser. I promise. Just stand tall and brave.


Ed Sheeran

Short and simple: I love this guy.

Seriously... Give him a chance.

This song is called Sunburn... It is one of his slower songs, but its beautiful!

He is an Irish red head who can sing, play the guitar beautifully, and even rap. How can you get much better than that?
I love you Ed!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Young Blood

By The Naked and Famous

Such a fun song, in my opinion! Fun to dance to, fun to listen to while at the beach... just a neat, different song.
Hope you all like it and give it a chance!!

A lovely trick...


Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Wonders of Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish isn't JUST for nails anymore! I've done some research and I came up with some interesting and helpful information. Not only can you make your nails have a pretty and glossy sheen, but you can make jewelry last longer, protect the ends of your shoe laces, and make the tops of your keys sparkly!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

 How to make jewelry last longer: I would suggest doing this to some of your rings that tend to tarnish or change color. Exposure to water is one of the reasons why rings and necklaces do that. And don't you hate how some of those inexpensive rings change your finger green or yellow? Well, take those rings that change the color of your finger, and paint a coating of clear nail polish around it. The will help protect it from water as well. Just remember to re-apply it every once in a great while because it can start to wear away.

Make almost anything glittery: A while ago, I saw a tutorial on how to make the top of a key sparkly! I loved the idea. Paint glue on the key, add glitter, and then paint with a few coats of nail polish. Just like that! Think of all the possibilities.... glittery phone and iPod cases, glittery homemade jewelry, switch plates, rims of eye glasses, headbands and so much more!

Prevent unraveling shoelaces: Did the end of the of lace into the polish and let it dry! It’s waterproof and very resistant.

Repairs: If you really want a screw or nail to stay, add a dab of nail polish before you put it in... That always works! Works well when you're fixing glasses screws as well. Also, if you have a small, minor chip in your wood flooring, then you can paint over it to avoid water or any fluids from seeping in. If you have a rip in a window shade or screen, paint on some polish to stop it from getting any bigger. If you have a crack in your windshield and are worried it might starts getting bigger, put nail polish over the crack until you can go get it fixed.

Sealing envelopes: I'm pretty sure most people hate the taste of sealing an envelope. Instead, put a few dabs of polish to keep it glued!

There are actually even more things that clear nail polish can do like threading string through small needles, securing buttons, and avoiding rust stains. Hope everyone has fun using these tips!